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The Aquabears are now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Short Course Season

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Programs Offered

Junior Team

The Junior Team is designed for new swimmers and the goal is to give them the skills they will need to succeed in competitive swimming. Significant emphasis will be on stroke and turn technique, while also introducing more challenging training sets. Swimmers in this group should have a working knowledge of all four strokes. This group will meet 3 days a week, and there are two options. Entry level swimmers will swim for 90 minutes, while more experienced swimmers will have the option to swim for two hours, to help prepare them for the transition to the Age Group 3 program.

Age Group Team

Description: The Age Group Team is designed to meet the additional training needs of swimmers who desire to compete at a state level. Swimmers in this group will participate in challenging training sessions. Age Group swimmers are encouraged to compete in all scheduled meets. This program is designed primarily for children 9 and above who have exhibited the skills and desire necessary to eventually make the transition to Senior level swimming. The Age Group team will be broken into two groups. "Age Group 5" is for swimmers 11/12 who already have Age Group Championship Qualifying times, and for 11/over swimmers who can compete at a Regional Championship level. "Age Group 3" is for swimmers 9-12 who have fairly solid skills in all four strokes, and who want to begin training at a higher level.

Note: There are two Age Group options. "Age Group 3" swimmers may attend any 3 of the 7 scheduled workouts. "Age Group 5" swimmers may attend any 5 of the scheduled workouts.

Senior Team

The Senior Team is offered to 13/over swimmers who want to compete at an Age Group, Senior, Sectional, and eventually National level. Swimmers in this group must have obtained qualifying times for Age Group or Senior Championships. Swimmers in the Senior training group will have challenging training sessions, and may have the opportunity to participate in goal-setting meetings and videotaped technique sessions. Certain travel meets and training opportunities may be offered just to this group. Senior team members will be expected to follow all practice and meet rules as determined by the coaching staff. Senior swimmers will be expected to attend a minimum of five practices a week in order to participate in meets.